DUI Charges and Servicemembers

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Mississippi boasts over three military bases with Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg being one of the largest military training sites owned by a state in the U.S. Given the presence of a military population in Mississippi, unfortunately, it is a reality that a DUI offense committed by a servicemember can occur on and off military premises. The area of crimes committed by active duty servicemembers is an interesting one and it creates questions of jurisdiction, questions of military law and questions of a possible double penalty structure. In other words, a charge and conviction for DUI can affect the offender in his role as a member of the armed forces and in his capacity as a resident of a state.

Jurisdictional Issues

There are several jurisdictional issues that arise when a servicemember receives a DUI charge. The entity that has jurisdiction over the case largely depends on where the offense was committed. If a DUI was committed by a servicemember on a military base, then the servicemember will be subject to a court martial. The servicememember, in this scenario, will not have to appear before a state court judge. Nevertheless, the state court and the military tribunal can coordinate to ensure that the proper state court penalties apply such as the installation of an interlock system, the requirement of attending an alcohol education course, and ordering a license suspension. However, if the offense occurred off the military base and the servicemember is charged by civilian police, the offender must appear in civilian court. Still, the servicemember can be subjected to administrative disciplinary actions and can be court martialed for related crimes that are against proper military conduct.

Those who are subject to civilian courts will face the normal consequences of a DUI conviction. This will include the paying of fines and court costs, up to 48 hours in jail, a mandatory MASEP course, and a suspended license. These penalties apply to first time, misdemeanor offenders. Offenders who are also servicemembers can face additional consequences as a result of a DUI conviction. These consequences may include administrative suspensions or punishment as well as facing additional charges for prohibited behavior according to the military code of conduct.

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