How a DUI Arrest can Affect Your Employment

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Drunk driving is a serious crime with serious consequences. In addition to paying the legal penalties, a DUI conviction can continue to haunt you for years after the momentary indiscretion. The most collateral damage often takes the form of the offender's career. Many are able to survive a DUI conviction and come out the other side as a better, stronger person. Some are even able to become President of the United States, although not all are so lucky. Find out what a DUI conviction could mean for your current and future career.

Career Prospects

A DUI conviction can be particularly hard on those between jobs or searching for new employment. This is because a DUI charge will show up your driving record up to 12 years after the arrest. A conviction can stay on your criminal background check forever, although most background checks are limited to the last seven years. For commercial drivers, a DUI arrest will stay on your record for life. If your potential employer screens either your driving record or your criminal background, a DUI could cost you many employment opportunities.

License Suspension

If you are convicted of driving under the influence, your license will automatically be suspended for at least 120 days. The suspension will be longer if this is your second or subsequent offense. Being unable to legally drive understandably makes it more difficult to get to work. However, you may be qualified to drive to school or work on a restricted license, under the condition that you install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle.

Mandatory Termination

Some job titles carry mandatory firings for DUI convictions or arrests. This often includes teachers, commercial drivers, law enforcement, and military service members. If you lose your job after a DUI arrest, it can be difficult to land another job in the same field, which limits your career prospects.

Missed Work

If your employer is unaware of or unbothered by your DUI charge, you may still lose your job if you miss too much work. If this is not your first offense, serving jail time is a real possibility. Even if you avoid jail, you may be required to take time off to receive treatment for substance abuse.

Loss of Professional Tools

Some of the professional tools that may be taken away after a DUI conviction include professional licenses (for physicians, lawyers, and other positions) and insurance coverage for those who drive as part of their job. Additionally, you may find it much more difficult to pursue higher education when you have a criminal record. Many colleges and universities are hesitant to accept those with a criminal background, and it may preclude you from receiving financial aid.

Need Legal Help?

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