The Effect of a DUI Conviction on Your Driving Record

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Receiving a traffic infraction as a result of a DUI has consequences beyond the fines and jail time doled out by the legal system. DUI can also affect your driving record. If you are at fault in a vehicle collision as a result of drinking while driving, your driving record will be affected. Another consequence of receiving a DUI conviction is having your license suspended. A DUI conviction also hurts one's chances of obtaining and maintaining a commercial driver's license for the purposes of employment. Each state has ways of keeping track of its drivers' records, with most states using a points system.

Blemished Driver's Record
Mississippi is one of a handful of states that do not utilize the driver’s license points system. Most other states use the point system as a means to track their drivers. If a driver receives a moving violation, the violation counts as a demerit on his or her license. The amount of points the driver receives depends on the severity of the offense. The more points a driver receives, the more likely his or her license will be suspended. Mississippi does not use this system. This, however, does not mean that Mississippi drivers are not penalized for their moving violations. Instead, each ticket received by a driver is placed on his or her driving record. These records are accessible to employers and insurance companies. If the driver does not pay the ticket on time or does not adhere to the directives required by a traffic court, then the driver's license is suspended.

Suspension of Driver's License
Receiving a DUI conviction or refusing to take a chemical test or a Breathalyzer can result in a suspended license. A DUI conviction or a refusal to take a chemical test can result in a suspension ranging from 90 days to one year for convicts whose sentences do not include jail time. The suspension of a license usually carries other requirements such the payment of hefty fines and completing an alcohol safety education program. After a license has been suspended, an offender has to take certain steps to have it reinstated. In Mississippi, to reinstate one’s license after it has been suspended, the offender must complete all required courses and pay a license reinstatement fee.

Difficulty Maintaining and Obtaining a Commercial Driver's License
Individuals who have been convicted of a DUI will find it hard to obtain or keep their commercial driver's license (CDL) in the state of Mississippi. Mississippi imposes strict qualification standards on people who drive commercial vehicles for a living. When an individual applies for a CDL, the state will run his or her driving record. Certain violations will result in disqualification to obtain a CDL, although the individual can still apply to see if they qualify. When the person already possesses a CDL, one DUI can result in a one-year disqualification. However, two DUI convictions will result in a lifetime ban from receiving another CDL.

Your DUI Attorney
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